The Teflon Boys, 10 Days Till Vote And A Choice of Conscience

We are about 10 days away from electing the next governor of the state of Tennessee. The media has made it clear who they are backing and thus 99.9% of any press has gone to either Democratic candidate Mike McWherter or Republican Bill Haslam. It seems that both Haslam and McWherter suffer from what we call the “Teflon Boy” disease. That means that nothing anyone seems to say about them “sticks” in the minds of voters who are only being told that Haslam has tons of money and McWherter’s dad, Ned, used to be a former Governor of our state. Bottom line: one is buying this election with his money, the other with his name.

Mr. Haslam it seems has short term memory loss when it comes to the 2008 price gouging incident involving his Pilot Oil company here in Knoxville. His explanation as to why it happened strengthens the argument that he feels like nothing anyone throws at him will “stick” simply because he’s Bill Haslam and has millions of dollars. When asked what happened, he blamed the problem on faulty gas pumps and the employees instead of taking responsiblity for it himself. When something of this magnitude happens people respect you more when you man up and say “the buck stops here, I was the one responsible and my company.” If elected Governor and a crisis hits the state will this be his response then? Blame the pumps and the people?? (THINK ABOUT THAT)

With 10 days to the vote, Tennessee we DO have a choice! There are two candidates the establishment wants to win without a doubt; just remember though that with established politics, established special interests are never far behind. Both candidates are putting out ads left and right extolling how “great”they are as if they were auditioning for a Vaudeville show in Nashville or trying for sainthood. Let us assure the reader and the voter – there are no movie stars OR saints running Governor this year in 2010. The question becomes then what will they do for YOU the people of Tennessee once in office?

The answer to that question has not been given by either mainstream candidate. Like Teflon, which is slick and nothing sticks to it, both these men have found success in hiding behind their money and they name and not telling you WHY they want to be your governor NOR what they plan to do WHEN they are Governor. They run ads of others trying to convince you they are choir boys.

As a third party candidate, Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker, has no money or name to hide behind. All we have to hide behind are YOU the voters of Tennessee to whom we feel accountable to and who we trust to make the best decisions for what’s right for you, as citizens, not an oversized government in Washington OR in Nashville.

Tennesseans, as we come down the home stretch these next ten days, we implore you to take a step back and THINK about this one simple statement. If you are feeling uneasy about jobs, illegal immigration, the over reach of Washington, the uncertainty of health care including our own TENNCARE program here in Tennessee, and the general idea that the only two choices you seem to have for governor just makes you feel even more uneasy – maybe you need to vote for someone who you KNOW does not have any coat tails full of special favors they are going to have to repay once Governor to those who financed their campaigns.

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker is a third choice, a STABLE choice, the RIGHT choice for Tennessee. As an independent conservative, he promises to look at every issue from the perspective of what is best for the citizens of the state, not for the party or special interests he is beholden to.

We have 10 days to go, and two Teflon boys running on the coat tails of both their dad’s name and their pocket books. Tennessee, is THIS what we really want in our Governor?

Vote Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker November 2, 2010. Early Voting has begun and we’ve already heard from several of you who have voted for us of which we are DEEPLY appreciative! Once elected, we will not forget our pledge to YOU the people and we will hit the ground running to set some things in order in Nashville that have LONG needed to be set in order!

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL HELP BADLY AT THE PRESENT TIME. We cannot take this message to the state without funds and as an Independent campaign we do not have the access to the donors as do the other party candidates. We have to depend on YOU the people to help us at the present time. It’s still not too late.

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you! See you at the polls Tuesday, November 2, 2010. VOTE Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker for Governor!