Two Days To Go; Still Time To Send A Message With Your Vote!

A real quick blog today but an important one as we come to within two days of the November 2, 2010 election to put the next governor in the state house in Nashville. Unless Bill Haslam is caught in a sordid scandal or as one Nashville columnist wrote last week “taken and scooped up by UFOS,” it is more than likely he is going to win this race. His money, name and political backing has been larger than life from the beginning. While we’re not conceding anything, we are realists and know that all the polls are showing him well up and a likely winner on Tuesday.

With that in mind, Carl visited Central High School last week and finished SECOND in the mock election there beating out Democrat Mike McWherter whose campaign is all but gone. McWherter is calling into radio shows here in East Tennessee at this point to get whatever stray Democrats are not hiding at the moment. Carl needs your vote to SEND A MESSAGE To Washington that Obama mania and all his cronies – like McWherter – are not wanted in Nashville!

If Carl can finish second or win this race Tuesday this will set a precedent for all independents in the future to see that it can be done. There has always been a uphill battle for independents in any race even in this year where the political climate has favored them. But if an independent, Native American, conservative and common sense approach type guy like Carl could do it – it would send a message that the PEOPLE are who matter, not politics.

Many have already voted. We know that. But if you haven’t, please keep Carl Two Feathers Whitaker in mind Tuesday when voting. We’re a long shot no question, but stranger things have happened in politics and 48 hours is a lifetime.

We will say one quick thing about Mr. Haslam the likely winner. His latest ad this weekend said “to know him is to trust him.” Ummm, when a politician tells you to trust them, I’d be putting both hands in my pocket and making sure nothing has been taken during the conversation. Men like Haslam who have not been challenged to explain the trail of unanswered questions about the price gouging incidents of 2008 here in Knoxville and why he flip flops on many issues just because it’s politically expedient may win elections but they soon lose the people. Another candidate in 2008 swooned and wowed the crowds too and people thought he was the nation’s next Messiah. Barrack Obama, remember him? Well Tennessee Bill Haslam has swooned and swayed and spoke and wowed you too. Let’s hope your choice for him as Governor don’t turn out as the nation’s has for Obama. (Just a thought)

See ya at the polls Tuesday, we need your vote to send a message!!