Closing Arguments- Who Will Fight FOR You Tennessee?

We’re less than 24 hours now from electing our next governor in the state of Tennessee. As we come to the end we wanted to take the opportunity today to make one final call for your vote and support if you have not already voted.

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker is the third choice for Tennessee. He is the most stable choice of all the other Independents running having experience in budget management as a police officer, law enforcement, legal studies and as an activist through the years fighting against illegal immigration.

The key word there is “fighting.” Who do you feel will FIGHT for you Tennessee? Will it be a Republican candidate who has basically bought his way into Nashville and not having any challenge whatsoever to answer for his stance on issues. Someone who has shown disdain to signing a 10-4 pledge that basically says that if the federal government intrudes on Tennessee, then he as governor will fight to protect Tennessee’s 10th Amendment rights? Will he stand up against the onslaught of illegals coming into our state with TOUGH, common sense laws that punish businesses who hire them and either putting these illegals on a path to citizenship or deporting them back to where they came from if they refuse. Will he FIGHT for the middle class families, those who are struggling day to day to find a meal, a job, the way to pay the bills? (Can he even identify with such with his lifestyle?) Will he FIGHT for your rights as Tennessee citizens to prevent Obamacare from becoming reality on our landscape by again standing up for the rights of the STATE, not Washington? Or will he be a Republican puppet answering to the special interest groups that all parties answer to and make decisions based on payback for the millions in campaign contributions given to him by these special interest groups? The last Republican governor this state had followed a similar path to power and wound up in scandal after scandal. Are we headed for a repeat of that? Will Mr. Haslam truly be inpartial as governor in his decisions despite the fact that as his Republican counterparts even have stated that if elected 95% of his decisions would already be a conflict of interest because of his business ties? We’re not demeaning the business ties but when you mix big business and politics the mix is never good and conflicts of interest always ensue.

Haslam has swayed and swooned most already into believing he’s the answer for Tennessee’s high unemployment rate, a broken TENNCARE system and other issues. But in all his swaying and swooning he’s never been able to take one position and stick to it. Will he as governor be the same – sway and swoon with the wind at the cost of political expediency – or will he hold to the position that whatever is best for the PEOPLE of Tennessee that is what we’re going to do? The last candidate on the political landscape that swayed and swooned like him was the current President and we see what that’s gotten us these past two years. Tennessee think about that tommorow as you vote.

On the flip side of the ballot, the question becomes also will the Democrat in this race, Mike McWherter, fight for you? He too refused to sign the 10-4 pledge and as a Democrat he will be lock step and toe with whatever his leader, the current President Barrack Obama, will bid him do. As a Democrat, Mr. McWherter has offered NO solutions to the state’s high unemployment issue, and as his predecesor he will do NOTHING about stopping illegal immigration coming into this state. His biggest moment on the campaign trail it seems has been his statement “we need to think outside the box.” Wow, what brilliant deductions Mike for someone running on the strength of his dad’s name, not on his record. He has stated NOTHING about what he will do about illegal immigration. And while the Obama Justice Department and the other Democrats in Washington are FIGHTING AGAINST states like Arizona and others who are trying to do something about this, the question beggars that if Tennessee were to start FIGHTING against this issue in a similar way would he a Democrat go against the efforts in Washington? NO, he would not, but he would be a puppet of a different sort – a Barrack Obama parody and extension into this state. Tennessee, do we want that for the next four years? Do we want an extension of Barrack Obama in Nashville? Being that John McCain won Tennessee in 2008 by the largest margin he won any state (which were not many) by a 69-21 margin I’d say we’d be safe to answer that question NO!

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker has fought for you in the past in the trenches to help those who cannot help themselves. He doesn’t claim to be a saint, but he has the HEART and the SOUL of a man who will put his own interests aside for YOU the people of Tennessee. As an Independent candidate he can look at both sides of the issues and make the best call for the PEOPLE.

No matter who is elected tommorow, the times ahead are going to be tough economically for both our nation and our state.  Tennessee, we need a Governor who will FIGHT FOR YOU, not against you! You need a governor who can identify with YOU, not live in a white castle where everything is handed to him on a silver platter or one who because his dad ran the state years ago feels he’s entitled to it either. That’s the choice tommorow. That’s what we face as we come to the end of a two-year effort to bring you our message as best we know how.

We’ve had our ups and downs in this campaign. Funds have been low to none for 99% of this race. As they say in sports sometimes though, we’ve left everything on the field and held nothing back. It’s decision time now and in the hands of the people we cherish and are proud to serve if elected.

We love the state of Tennessee. It’s why both Carl and Chris, the campaign’s adviser and manager, live here. It’s why Carl is running for governor – to protect the natural resources of our state but most importantly to proect the most PRECIOUS of all resources – YOU THE PEOPLE.

That’s our closing argument. We covet your vote tommorow and we thank you for your support.

On a personal note, we want to thank those who have helped our campaign these past two years no matter how great or small the contribution has been. NO matter what happens tommorow your sacrific of time and effort will never be forgotten and it will be cherished forever.

Thanks again for your vote, prayers and support. God bless.
See you at the polls tommorow, Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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Recent Poll Shows Disconnect Of Two Parties To State

A recent MTSU poll says that 73 percent of Tennessee adults can’t name a single gubernatorial candidate when asked to list as many as they can recall. Nineteen percent were able to name Republican Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, earning him dubious distinction as the least-unknown among a generally anonymous field of candidates. Behind Haslam, who has been advertising heavily on television, U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., comes to mind for 10 percent of Tennesseans. The remaining candidates are recalled by four percent or fewer of the state’s adults.

That makes us wander in Carl Whitaker’s campaign just how in touch the two main parties are with the state of Tennessee and how Independent candidates may be a very serious issue and threat this election than in years past. We ran in 2006 and came in first among 11 other independent candidates and placed a strong third behind an incumbent Democratic governor and the Republican.

We ask you to look at our platform and view our stands on the issues that mean a great deal to all Tennesseans but mainly how we want to strengthen the JOBS market here in our state and keep people working and people healthy. There is nothing wrong with running as an independent candidate and we’re proud to do so this 2010 election year. Both parties are going to bring their own special interests to the capitol and when all is said and done it will be business as usual no matter who is elected.

As an independent conservative candidate I pledge to work for the PEOPLE of Tennessee and do everything in my power to work with our legislators to pass job-friendly legislation to ensure the trend nationally of high unemployment does not come to Tennessee. We can do better!

I ask you my fellow citizens one simple question. Are you satisfied with the two party system in Tennessee and if not why? We covet your vote and support in November. We will be on the general election ballot no matter the outcomes of the primaries. There will be one Republican, one Democrat and ONE Independent who has been in this race before. That candidate is Carl “Twofeathers” Whitaker and I am running for governor of Tennessee in 2010.

We encourage you to visit our site at and look over our platform. We support the current Tea Party movement and what it stands for as it seeks to push fiscal responsibility in government and hold candidates accountable for their actions when it comes to spending and how they govern.

Bill Haslam is not the only one going door to door asking Tennesseans what they want. So am I and I promise to listen to what is being said as to what concerns our people. We live in the finest state in the Union in my opinion with its beauty. But the real treasure of Tennessee are the people who live here including myself. Im proud to call myself a Volunteer! This is a serious time in both our nation and our state. We need serious people who don’t care about what the political machinery thinks but stands Independent on their own and work with all parties to get things done for the betterment of Tennessee. We’re excited about this election and believe with your help YOU WILL SOON KNOW at LEAST ONE candidate who IS running for Governor- Carl Twofeathers Whitaker.

Once the smoke clears from the primaries we will engage the candidates more and address what is being said and done on the campaign trail now up to the Primaries. All the talking back and forth now already just shows the pettiness of both parties and the cynicism the state has developed towards both Republicans and Democrats. We need a change of direction as has been seen in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Jersey just in the past six months. The change we need for a bright future we believe is our campaign and Carl Whitaker as your choice for governor come November.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2010. We covet your vote and financial support.


Carl Twofeathers Whitaker Running for Tennessee’s Governor in 2010

Carl Twofeathers Whitaker For Tennessee Governor 2010

Carl Twofeathers Whitaker For Tennessee Governor 2010

As I announce that I am running for Governor of Tennessee in 2010 I am reminded of a trip I took last winter with my campaign manager and photographer friend Chris McDonald who photographed campaign photos for me in the Great Smokey Mountains as we were beginning this process of laying the foundation for the upcoming Governor’s race. As I looked about me that day we saw some of the prettiest waterfalls in the entire world right in our own back yard of East Tennessee and it reminded me of the tremendous natural resources our great state has to offer who visit and those who live here. As I looked at those waterfalls I was reminded again as I have always been reminded as an activist for many causes that the greatest natural resource of our state was not these waterfalls but the PEOPLE who live here.

The people of Tennessee and their well-being, safety, prosperity and freedom are the reasons I am running for Governor once more. I don’t look at this task as being light or flippant but a very serious challenge but one I feel worth the work and effort for the sake of Tennessee’s most precious resource – it’s people. There are many mountains facing us as a state at the present time, especially with the national economy in such a tailspin where jobs are being lost, people are losing homes, and businesses are failing left and right. We cannot afford to keep investing our time into political games where favors are exchanged between political parties at the expense of the people of Tennessee who are always the ones who wind up being the losers in such games.

As an Independent Conservative candidate for governor I don’t owe favors to either the Republican or the Democratic party of this state. In addition, I have no desire to get involved and become engulfed in the endless waste of political energy on issues that matter little in the overall health of the state. People are without health care and yet our current political structure in Nashville seems more concerned with cutting benefits and repaying political favors to their cronies than doing what is right by the people. Current Governor Phil Bredesen presided over massive cuts to Tennessee’s Medicaid program seemed to relish at times  fighting with advocates for the poor more than the advocates of the cuts. When a governor makes his fortune in the for-profit health insurance industry at the expense of the people who have serious health care insurance problems and has no conscicence about it – NASHVILLE, we have a problem and there is need for a new way of doing business.

Do you really think that either a Republican OR a Democrat would do any different that what is currently going on? The answer is simply NO! Why? Because when you have party affiliations then people affiliations become less and less important. Tennessee, do we really want that to continue the next four years? I think not.

Things are about to change in the way we do business in Nashville. The situation we face is by far one of the most serious in recent years yet we have hope in our vision for the future for Tennessee that with your help we can as Governor ensure that every citizen has a right to healthcare, the hope for employment as more jobs become available through job programs we hope to implement when elected. As Governor I also swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States but also the Constitution of Tennessee and if push comes to shove between the federal powers that be and the state of Tennessee’s powers, we’re coming down on the side of our state, not Washington.

In addition, as Governor, I will do everything within my power to work with the state legislature to pass laws friendly to agribusiness, education, and small businesses. We want to see better pay for teachers and a reduction in college tuition to keep Tennessee’s brightest minds studying here in our own Universities and institutions of higher learning. Our farmers also need attention to help make them profitable once again and feel they have a friend in Nashville who understands they are a vital part to the overall beauty of our state.

Those waterfalls I saw last winter were breathtaking. We live in one of the most beautiful states in the Union. The beauty of Tennessee however is YOU, the people, for whom I pledge that if you will elect me Governor I will serve with due diligence to make sure that at the heart of every decision we make will always be the overall prosperity and success of the people o f Tennessee. We have a lot to proud of and tremendous hope for the future that better days are ahead. Together we can get this done.

I covet you vote, prayers, and support on November 2, 2010. We need volunteers and donations at the present time for our campaign. You can visit our website at for more information on how you can do both. This is a conversation these next 18 months about YOU, our greatest resource of Tennessee.

See you on the campaign trail!