Bedbugs and the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Gail Kerr of the Tennessean wrote an eye opening commentary on the Democratic and Republican nominees for Tennessee governor recently in which she laid out the case we’ve been making with this campaign from day one – what exactly are the motives behind Bill Haslam and Mike McWherter in wanting to run the state of Tennessee. Is it the people? Nope, according to Kerr – it’s something more sinister and a question neither candidate can address and that is “what are we going to do with the bedbugs?”

(SMILE, I’m not making this up, see link below)

In the article Kerr likens both candidates to the Governor (played by Charles Durning) in the 1982 movie “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” who did the Texas two step, side step or whatever else you wanted to call it each time a real question about the issues was asked. Kerr’s assessment that Haslam and McWherter are doing the same just confirms something we’ve been saying all along. Neither candidate has looked YOU the people of Tennessee in the EYES and told you WHY they want to be Governor!

With exactly one week till we vote, is that not a question that we need to know? The ads both candidates are running on television leaves me either laughing or vomiting but in the end makes you ask the question, “with all the millions of dollars these men have in their arsenals and THIS is the best they can do??” Come on man, at least show us a little creativity when you lie about who you really are and what you plan to do if elected Governor.

Kerr’s article made me laugh with her wit but after the laughing stopped I realized how serious the issue was that she was addressing. Quoting Kerr: “Call them the masters of imprecision. Here’s proof: Even if you replaced key issues in their exact debate phrases with the word “bedbugs,” voters would be left scratching their heads.” Ms. Kerr, I CONCUR and I think A LOT of Tennessee citizens are scratching their heads right now.

Kerr goes on to state, quote: “It’s perfectly understandable why Haslam is so carefully strolling down both sides of every fence. He’s winning. Unless a UFO scoops him up, he’ll skate easily into the state Capitol. What’s harder to understand is why McWherter isn’t going bold — goodness knows nothing he’s thrown at Haslam has stuck.” I think I made that point in our last blog calling both candidates the Teflon boys. Guess Haslam is winning that battle for being the one with the least “stickiness.”

Her take on McWherter’s plan on how to run the state, quoting him, “I think we need to think out of the box” was pricless but the one that I think sums it up is her prediction as she states it, “Bet you dollar to doughnuts there’s a new television ad before Election Day. In it, Bill Haslam will gaze gently into the softly focused camera and say, with complete authority: ‘Bedbugs. That’s what matters now.'” ENOUGH SAID. (Do you think Bill you can at least put a little BASS in your voice instead of that wimpy whisp you talk with, come on now with all those millions a few speaking lessons and how to talk into the camera should not have cost much; if you’re wanting people to think you’re in control of things THIS IS NOT HELPING!)

Bottom line: These two candidates are asking we the people of Tennessee to put our trust in them to run our state. NEITHER however, has done anything to really tell we the people though what they will do if elected and just HOW they plan to do all these magical, wonderful things they predict will happen if we vote for them. ALL both have done is either spend millions on promoting himself or the other who has spent millions on promoting the fact his dad once ran the state so we need to vote for his son now. One thing Kerr mentioned about McWherter equally amusing was the fact that the only thing McWherter could try it seemed in the waning days of this race was to link Haslam with Hugo Chavez on the oil issue. Come on Mike, is this ALL the former son of a Tennessee governor can come up with? With all the Obama machinery behind you, this is it???? Again scratching my head, could it be the bedbugs??  Memo to Mike, it’s not sticking pal. Your opponent is better at applying his Teflon than you’ve been so far.

Tennessee, there IS a serious candidate in this race. His name is Carl Twofeathers Whitaker. He’s a viable THIRD option and he has not shied away from telling WHY he wants to be your next governor. He does not promise quick results, nor will he promise you the days ahead are going to be easy. Tough decisions will have to be made on many issues and as a result groups who have had their strangle hold on Nashville are about to be seen the door. There is a new philosophy of government coming to town if elected!! The reason for this new philosophy? YOU THE PEOPLE. YOU, the finest citizens of the finest state in the Union, the ones who are hurting, out of work, concerned about the overreach in Washington and the illegal immigration issue that threatens to tear our state apart and threaten not only our state security but our national security.

Carl is committed to tackling these issues with COMMON SENSE methods of approach, NOT party based special interest approaches that have gotten us in the place we find ourselves in.

If you want to buy into the Texas two step these two Tennessee candidates are pushing on you, that’s up to you. We’re not buying it and neither should you. If they need actors for the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas II then Haslam and McWherter may both fit the bill for the character who played the governor. But the 2010 Governor’s race is not an acting audition – this is real life folks!  Both candidateshave offered award winning performances when it comes to acting according to Kerr’s assessment and to be frank and honest- it’s mine too. And you the reader if you will take a moment and really think about what is being shoveled down your throat over the media waves – you will come to the conclusion that she’s right and we need to pause and think hard about our vote next Tuesday.

We don’t need side stepping and weasly commercials that make you want to go take a bath because the candidate pauses 2 minutes between every sentence as if he don’t know what he’s talking about or trying to sell you snake oil. NEIGHBOR, it’s late and it’s time to make a choice.

We hope that choice for YOU on November 2, 2010 is Carl Twofeathers Whitaker, an INDEPENDENT, CONSERVATIVE candidate for governor who covets and cherishes your vote. We promise you this. WE WILL DEAL WITH THE BEDBUG issue! We will tackle every problem head on and not care which political party we offend in doing so. This is not about party- it’s about YOU the people

VOTE NOVEMBER 2, 2010 – Carl Twofeathers Whitaker
We continue to ask for and desparately need your financial support as we enter this final week.



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