Issues Are the Crux of the Matter, NOT Money!

Three Republican and one Democratic candidates were on display Monday night, July 12, in Belmont, TN during a debate at the University’s Curb Event Center. The statements of Republican Congressman Zach Wamp about Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam’s family fortune and his idea that the mayor is buying this election summed up the theme of the debate: “You’re not the guy all your money says you are. I’m sorry. I’m going to have to tell it has it is folks. I love you,” Wamp told the audience. After the debate ended, each of the candidates spoke with the media. Even then Bill Haslam was the target of his Republican counterparts. “I do believe Bill Haslam wouldn’t be a legitimate candidate if he wasn’t worth billions of dollars,” according to Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. “Just because they have a lot of money, they can’t create a candidate spending $20-30 million to convince people he’s someone he is not,” Wamp added. According to the report, reporters also asked the money question of Mike McWherter who has raised of fraction of the cash the Republican candidates have put in the bank.

So, let’s get this straight. With a 10.3% unemployment rate, illegal immigrants running wild across our state without any efforts to stop it, the TENN-Care health care program bankrupting the state and a looming federal health care bill that will only add more insult to injury, the ONLY thing these candidates could find to talk about was where Bill Haslam got his money? In reading the blogs this week about the sentiments following the debate, it’s apparent that some partisan supporters of both parties tend to care only about fundraising as well. And while we agree that Mr. Haslam has a lot of unanswered questions about his money trail, especially his knowledge and role in the Pilot Oil company’s price fixing indictments in 2008 (Gas spiked to $4.99 a gallon in Knoxville during that time), Carl Whitaker would like to ask a simple question to the PEOPLE of Tennessee, many of whom were left asking the same questions after Monday night, “Where is the concern for the ISSUES?”

If we’re going to make this campaign about money, which it seems most of the news media in Tennessee is trying to do, then no one but Bill Haslam needs to run; he has us all beat. If we’re just going to focus on whose got the biggest name recongnition in the race, then Mike McWherter needs to be declared the winner today; no one can really stand up against being the son of a former Tennessee governor;  Both Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp have larger than life political backgrounds so if that is the only requirement for running, those two candidates are a synch to win hands down.

But this is the fly in the ointment for both Democrats and Republicans in 2010. People are sick of both! It’s the elitist attitudes that were on display Monday night by each of these candidates as well as their smugness that has given rise to the voters becoming more and more intrigued with Independent candidates and movements, such as the Tea Party and others that look to cause a political earthquake in November not just nationally but here in our state. In years past an Independent candidate wouldn’t be given a second thought but again this year is different. The establishment and elitist among the political machinery in this state may not let a candidate such as Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker on stage to debate with the “big” boys cause he hasn’t raised enough campaign funds yet, but the PEOPLE of Tennessee are the ones who will be heard in November, not the elite establishment. THE PEOPLE want to hear some fresh ideas from ALL the candidates, not just a chosen few; they want to hear ideas that are not stained with the putrid smell of politics, money or special interests. The PEOPLE want to know their Governor is going to fight for THEM and while he won’t be perfect in handling every single detail they want to be assured that he has THEIR interest at heart, not the interest of his party, special interest or favorite group. Zach Wamp commented afterward that Bill Haslam’s finances would place him in a immediate conflict of interest on every single issue a governor would face if he was elected. That can be said of EVERYONE who was on that stage Monday night because the parties these candidates represent are so tied to special interest, that produces it itself the issue of trust for them all. WE NEED A CHANGE OF DIRECTION in Nashville!

With a $1.5 billion deficit, we’re at a point where a new sense and change of independent thinking may not hurt! The old ways of doing things have not worked in the past and with an ever changing economy, sadly for the worst, the ideas needed for the future have to be fresh, unstained by politics and have the People’s Interest at heart, not a political party.  With illegal immigrants literally stealing jobs left and right from our citizens in the state are there not ANY of these candidates with the guts to stand up and say “we know what we’re going to do to stop this!” No there is not because all these candidates are more worried about their political backsides instead of being concerned for the future of the state and the great people who live here.

All candidates have their skeletons. None are above the fray and none are perfect. But watching these four men on stage it always came down to money and who had the least and who had the most. WHY has our political process degenerated into such in TN? Because simply put, two parties and two parties alone have controlled the government of not just this nation but this state for decades. Friend, it’s time for a CHANGE of thinking and direction!

That change of thinking and direction for Tennessee is found in a man who has been down this path before and fought many of these issue battles in the trenches of activism and FIGHTING for the people not just in word but in deed- Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker.

We covet your vote AND your financial support. Come August 5th when the Primary is over you will see us more and more on the airwaves, campaign trail and in small towns and large cities across this state. We may be small but our heart beats big for the state of Tennessee we love and cherish. But we cannot win this fight for Tennessee without YOU the voter and citizen of the finest state in the Union. Did you hear any of these candidates tell YOU the people how proud they were to be running for the greatest office in the state to SERVE you instead of telling you what they were going to do to rule over you? As we watched the debate it was evident that all four candidates were speaking “at” the people but not “to” the people.

 Isn’t it time we elected a man who has always spoke TO the people and will serve the people of this state with all his heart and his soul; a man who will bring those fresh ideas to Nashville and work with all branches of government to see to it that the best effort is done to get things back in kilter in this great state. That man is Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker and he cherishes your votte this fall and financial help NOW to make this happen!

See you at the polls November 2, 2010 on which his name will be on the general ballot! Issues are the crux of this matter, not the money!

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