The National Health Care Debate, Tennessee and Our Campaign

As of Friday, April 9, 2010 19 states have filed lawsuits against the federal government concerning the recently passed health care bill. Tennessee is not one of those states because our present governor and the attorney general feels its not politically correct to do so even though the bill screams of being unconstitutional on so many levels. Our campaign is going on record NOW to state that if elected we will push for Tennessee to join the federal lawsuit against the health care bill to ensure the bill’s negative effects are not felt by the citizens of Tennessee. In a related manner, we’d like to state that Ron Ramsey is the only candidate who has gone on record to say he would do the same which is interesting since Mr. Ramsey is a Republican Lt. Governor who is merely part of the same government establishment in Nashville who established what we know as TENNCARE, a state prototype of what is to come on a national level. Our issue is not with Mr. Ramsey personally because we actually agree with him that this bill is bad for the nation and for Tennessee. Our point is that he belongs to an overall establishment that has created such programs and will continue to do so unless there is a strong message sent by the people of Tennessee that they want CHANGE from the way things have been done for years as well as letting Nashville know – the state belongs to the PEOPLE, not politicians no matter what party they belong to!

We cherish your vote in November. We will be discussing this more in the months and weeks to come. On May 2, 2010 we plan to address this at the League of Women Voter’s state sponsored debate in Nashville that will include the other candidates in the race. This debate will deal with Education issues facing our fine state and we’re up and ready for the challenge to talk about just that.

Our campaign pledge is simple – keep Tennessee working and keep Tennessee healthy. The way to do both if fight this federal bill which will do nothing but increase premiums, cut coverage no matter what the political hacks claim who support this nightmare, and will cause the closure of many small businesses who will not be able to afford the mandates the bill will place on them. The way this bill can be stopped is with the STATES. Tennessee you’re not one of those states right now. Elect Carl Whitaker for Governor in November and you will be!

One quick note on the recent Knoxville Expo Center Candidate’s Forum. We were honored to be part of the forum and had a great time meeting many of you who came up to us and promised your support! We cherish that and ask you today for not just your vote but your financial support! Our campaign is in need of much needed funds to take this message all over the state. Thanks again for your input and we cherish your ideas and thoughts!

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