An Endorsement from Olympic Gold Medalist Dana Hee

Carl Whitaker Campaign for Governor is proud to receive an endorsement for his run for Tennessee’s 2010 Governor’s race from Dana Hee, an Olympic Gold Medalist at the XXIV Olympiad in Seoul, Korea. Taekwondo (Demonstration Sport), as well as a Hollywood Stuntwoman in Batman movies, Independence Day, Lethal Weapon IV, Terminator III, Charlie’s Angels, etc. In addition Dana is now a motivational Speaker for dozens of clients including Hewlett Packard, IBM, United Way, and United Airlines.

She has doubled for leading actresses including Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Renee Russo, and Jennifer Garner. We’ve attached her comments at bottom of this press release but it goes without saying we’re honored Ms. Hee, even though not a resident of Tennessee has taken the time to endorse us in this run. In addition to the endorsement, Carl is scheduled to appear in several upcoming debates across the state with the other candidates for governor including one on May 2, 2010 in Nashville sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Our platform speaks for itself but we continue to strongly pledge that if elected we will stand against any efforts to implement a state income tax as well as do everything possible to make sure we join the fight as a state against the recently passed national health care legislation. As of today nearly 19 states have entered the fight through law suits that challenge the constitutionality of certain elements of the bill. Tennessee at the moment is not one of those states but if elected governor Tennessee will be. Our campaign is focused on keeping Tennessee working and Tennessee healthy. Being independent we are guaranteed of being on the ballot come November and look forward to debating the issues with the Republican and Democratic candidates during the upcoming months.

Carl Whitaker Campaign for Governor

Carl Whitaker, Candidate

Chris McDonald, Campaign Manager


Ms. Hee’s endorsement:

From Dana Hee – Olympic Gold Medalist

March 21, 2010

As an Olympic Gold Medalist and Award-Winning Stuntwoman, I have tremendous respect for others who follow their dreams and passions in life.  Furthermore, I find that I highly respect those who uphold the highest standards of strength, character and compassion.  It has been my privilege to witness that Carl Twofeathers Whitaker is one of these men.  As such, I highly endorse his endeavor to become Governor of the state of Tennessee.

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