Closing Arguments- Who Will Fight FOR You Tennessee?

We’re less than 24 hours now from electing our next governor in the state of Tennessee. As we come to the end we wanted to take the opportunity today to make one final call for your vote and support if you have not already voted.

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker is the third choice for Tennessee. He is the most stable choice of all the other Independents running having experience in budget management as a police officer, law enforcement, legal studies and as an activist through the years fighting against illegal immigration.

The key word there is “fighting.” Who do you feel will FIGHT for you Tennessee? Will it be a Republican candidate who has basically bought his way into Nashville and not having any challenge whatsoever to answer for his stance on issues. Someone who has shown disdain to signing a 10-4 pledge that basically says that if the federal government intrudes on Tennessee, then he as governor will fight to protect Tennessee’s 10th Amendment rights? Will he stand up against the onslaught of illegals coming into our state with TOUGH, common sense laws that punish businesses who hire them and either putting these illegals on a path to citizenship or deporting them back to where they came from if they refuse. Will he FIGHT for the middle class families, those who are struggling day to day to find a meal, a job, the way to pay the bills? (Can he even identify with such with his lifestyle?) Will he FIGHT for your rights as Tennessee citizens to prevent Obamacare from becoming reality on our landscape by again standing up for the rights of the STATE, not Washington? Or will he be a Republican puppet answering to the special interest groups that all parties answer to and make decisions based on payback for the millions in campaign contributions given to him by these special interest groups? The last Republican governor this state had followed a similar path to power and wound up in scandal after scandal. Are we headed for a repeat of that? Will Mr. Haslam truly be inpartial as governor in his decisions despite the fact that as his Republican counterparts even have stated that if elected 95% of his decisions would already be a conflict of interest because of his business ties? We’re not demeaning the business ties but when you mix big business and politics the mix is never good and conflicts of interest always ensue.

Haslam has swayed and swooned most already into believing he’s the answer for Tennessee’s high unemployment rate, a broken TENNCARE system and other issues. But in all his swaying and swooning he’s never been able to take one position and stick to it. Will he as governor be the same – sway and swoon with the wind at the cost of political expediency – or will he hold to the position that whatever is best for the PEOPLE of Tennessee that is what we’re going to do? The last candidate on the political landscape that swayed and swooned like him was the current President and we see what that’s gotten us these past two years. Tennessee think about that tommorow as you vote.

On the flip side of the ballot, the question becomes also will the Democrat in this race, Mike McWherter, fight for you? He too refused to sign the 10-4 pledge and as a Democrat he will be lock step and toe with whatever his leader, the current President Barrack Obama, will bid him do. As a Democrat, Mr. McWherter has offered NO solutions to the state’s high unemployment issue, and as his predecesor he will do NOTHING about stopping illegal immigration coming into this state. His biggest moment on the campaign trail it seems has been his statement “we need to think outside the box.” Wow, what brilliant deductions Mike for someone running on the strength of his dad’s name, not on his record. He has stated NOTHING about what he will do about illegal immigration. And while the Obama Justice Department and the other Democrats in Washington are FIGHTING AGAINST states like Arizona and others who are trying to do something about this, the question beggars that if Tennessee were to start FIGHTING against this issue in a similar way would he a Democrat go against the efforts in Washington? NO, he would not, but he would be a puppet of a different sort – a Barrack Obama parody and extension into this state. Tennessee, do we want that for the next four years? Do we want an extension of Barrack Obama in Nashville? Being that John McCain won Tennessee in 2008 by the largest margin he won any state (which were not many) by a 69-21 margin I’d say we’d be safe to answer that question NO!

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker has fought for you in the past in the trenches to help those who cannot help themselves. He doesn’t claim to be a saint, but he has the HEART and the SOUL of a man who will put his own interests aside for YOU the people of Tennessee. As an Independent candidate he can look at both sides of the issues and make the best call for the PEOPLE.

No matter who is elected tommorow, the times ahead are going to be tough economically for both our nation and our state.  Tennessee, we need a Governor who will FIGHT FOR YOU, not against you! You need a governor who can identify with YOU, not live in a white castle where everything is handed to him on a silver platter or one who because his dad ran the state years ago feels he’s entitled to it either. That’s the choice tommorow. That’s what we face as we come to the end of a two-year effort to bring you our message as best we know how.

We’ve had our ups and downs in this campaign. Funds have been low to none for 99% of this race. As they say in sports sometimes though, we’ve left everything on the field and held nothing back. It’s decision time now and in the hands of the people we cherish and are proud to serve if elected.

We love the state of Tennessee. It’s why both Carl and Chris, the campaign’s adviser and manager, live here. It’s why Carl is running for governor – to protect the natural resources of our state but most importantly to proect the most PRECIOUS of all resources – YOU THE PEOPLE.

That’s our closing argument. We covet your vote tommorow and we thank you for your support.

On a personal note, we want to thank those who have helped our campaign these past two years no matter how great or small the contribution has been. NO matter what happens tommorow your sacrific of time and effort will never be forgotten and it will be cherished forever.

Thanks again for your vote, prayers and support. God bless.
See you at the polls tommorow, Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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Two Days To Go; Still Time To Send A Message With Your Vote!

A real quick blog today but an important one as we come to within two days of the November 2, 2010 election to put the next governor in the state house in Nashville. Unless Bill Haslam is caught in a sordid scandal or as one Nashville columnist wrote last week “taken and scooped up by UFOS,” it is more than likely he is going to win this race. His money, name and political backing has been larger than life from the beginning. While we’re not conceding anything, we are realists and know that all the polls are showing him well up and a likely winner on Tuesday.

With that in mind, Carl visited Central High School last week and finished SECOND in the mock election there beating out Democrat Mike McWherter whose campaign is all but gone. McWherter is calling into radio shows here in East Tennessee at this point to get whatever stray Democrats are not hiding at the moment. Carl needs your vote to SEND A MESSAGE To Washington that Obama mania and all his cronies – like McWherter – are not wanted in Nashville!

If Carl can finish second or win this race Tuesday this will set a precedent for all independents in the future to see that it can be done. There has always been a uphill battle for independents in any race even in this year where the political climate has favored them. But if an independent, Native American, conservative and common sense approach type guy like Carl could do it – it would send a message that the PEOPLE are who matter, not politics.

Many have already voted. We know that. But if you haven’t, please keep Carl Two Feathers Whitaker in mind Tuesday when voting. We’re a long shot no question, but stranger things have happened in politics and 48 hours is a lifetime.

We will say one quick thing about Mr. Haslam the likely winner. His latest ad this weekend said “to know him is to trust him.” Ummm, when a politician tells you to trust them, I’d be putting both hands in my pocket and making sure nothing has been taken during the conversation. Men like Haslam who have not been challenged to explain the trail of unanswered questions about the price gouging incidents of 2008 here in Knoxville and why he flip flops on many issues just because it’s politically expedient may win elections but they soon lose the people. Another candidate in 2008 swooned and wowed the crowds too and people thought he was the nation’s next Messiah. Barrack Obama, remember him? Well Tennessee Bill Haslam has swooned and swayed and spoke and wowed you too. Let’s hope your choice for him as Governor don’t turn out as the nation’s has for Obama. (Just a thought)

See ya at the polls Tuesday, we need your vote to send a message!!

Carl Whitaker Signs 10-4 Pledge, Where Are Haslam and McWherter’s Names?

At the Patriots Of East Tennessee (POET) forum for independent gubernatorial candidates on September 20, all five candidates present signed the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10-4 Pledge. These candidates stand in stark contrast to the two party candidates, Mike McWherter and Bill Haslam, who have both publicly expressed opposition to upholding Tennessee’s Tenth Amendment rights as governor. Not unexpectedly, neither of the two party candidates have signed the 10-4 Pledge: Here is in summary what the pledge asks each candidate to affirm and sign:

As a public office holder, or a candidate for public office, I affirm that:

1.  All just political authority is derived from the People, and government may only be established and maintained with their consent.

2.  The People of each State have the sole and exclusive right and power to govern themselves in all areas not delegated to their government.

3.  A government without limits is a tyranny.

4.  The Tenth Amendment defines the total scope of federal power as being that which has been delegated by the people to the federal government in the Constitution, and also that which is necessary and proper to advancing those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution of the United States.  The rest is to be handled by the state governments, or by the people themselves, as they determine.

5. In order for a federally-exercised power to be “necessary and proper” it must be a) something that, without which, would make the enumerated power impossible to exercise, and b) a lesser power than that which has been enumerated

6. The “Interstate Commerce Clause” in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, does not permit Congress to regulate matters that merely affect commerce among the States.  It only permits Congress to regulate trade among the States.

7. The phrase, “general Welfare,” in Article I, Section 8 does not authorize Congress to enact any laws it claims are in the “general Welfare” of the United States.  The phrase sets forth the requirement that all laws passed by Congress in Pursuance of the enumerated powers of the Constitution shall also be in the general Welfare of the United States.  This was affirmed by James Madison when he wrote: “With respect to the words “general welfare,” I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators.”

8. The federal government is not authorized to tax the People to raise monies for unconstitutional purposes.  Likewise, the federal government is not authorized to condition funding to State or local governments on compliance with mandates which require them to do what the federal government is not authorized to do directly.

9. When Congress enacts laws and regulations that are not made in Pursuance of the powers enumerated in the Constitution, the People are not bound to obey them.

10. When the federal government exceeds its Constitutional authority, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.  Without that remedy, the People would be living in a tyranny, under the unlawful and excessive control of one or more branches of the federal government.

As a public office holder, or a candidate for public office, I promise that, as long as I hold office:

1. My votes will always be in favor of the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this State.  Every issue.  Every time.  No exceptions.  No excuses.

2. I do, and will continue to, oppose any and all efforts by the federal government to act beyond its Constitutional authority.

3. I will proactively introduce and support measures designed to adhere to the Tenth Amendment and preserve, to their fullest extent, the powers of the People in my district, and of the legislators and administrations of my State.

4. I will introduce, sponsor and support resolutions affirming the sovereignty of the People of this State under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

5. I will introduce, sponsor, and support legislation that nullifies, within my state, actions of the federal government which exceed its Constitutional authority.

6. I will introduce, sponsor and support legislation that provides such relief as is necessary and proper to provide fair redress to the citizens of my State in response to actions by the federal government which exceeds its Constitutional authority.

7. I will introduce, sponsor and support legislation which refuses federal funding made on condition that my State comply with federal mandates not authorized by the Constitution.

8. I will only vote in favor of a bill that I have thoroughly read, considered and understood.

9. I will be accountable to voters.  Upon request, I will make public every vote I cast while in office.

Carl Whitaker was one of five independents who signed this pledge and did so willingly because he gladly embraces the principles laid forth in this document. The issue of the 10th Amendment is tremendous in light of the fact it is going to be the lynch pin on which all states opposed to Obama care will hang their fight on in court to have this hideous law appealed that is unconstitutional on so many levels it’s not funny.

Just for a moment let’s step back from the issue of health care and talk straight a minute. Whether you like Obamacare or not there is a bigger question that looms over this pledge. Why did the two mainline candidates refuse to sign this and stand opposed to protecting Tennessee from an overreaching federal government? Why would a candidate not want to be transparent, have their actions open to the public and pledge to uphold our Constitution?

We understand McWherter not wanting to sign it because Mike McWherter is well, a Democrat and Democrats LOVE health care bills and as the last two years have shown us in the White House and the last four in Congress Democrats have just about thrown out every principle of ethics, decency and intelligence in running our nation one can think of.  I mean folks to state it again – DEMS LOVE HEALTH CARE BILLS! Just ask Hiliary Clinton and Barrack Obama to name a few. Heck, ask outgoing Phil Bredesen who oversaw eight years of TennCare to see it almost bankrupt our state before he had to step in and make significant changes. That’s what Democrats do – they raise your taxes, spend money and pass health care legislation claiming they are fighting for the greater good of society in leveling the playing field of economics. We don’t call that smart, we call that socialism. So the idea of protecting Tennessee from Obama care will never be given a second thought in the mind of the Democrat’s man in Tennessee, Mike McWherter. We get that.

What we don’t get is Bill Haslam, the Republican in this race who is passing himself off as a conservative. By the way Bill, we saw your latest campaign ad last night on one of  Knoxville’s cable network. Glad you took our advice from yesterday and actually asked the people of Tennessee finally for your vote and told us that it was “jobs” as the reason you were running. The question we had watching was “whose job?” Yours?

Why would a Republican shy away from signing a simple pledge that says basically that the Governor will do everything possible to keep the federal government out of Tennessee’s affairs when it’s not wanted or warranted and be open and transparent in their dealings with the citizens? Why would a so-called conservative be unwilling to stand up for the state he is asking the citizens of that same state to be their next leader? Could it be that he is no different than the Democrat in this race, just running with a different letter beside his name? We’d argue quite simply – YES.

We’ve made some pretty interesting observations about both candidates the last few blogs but neighbor this issue is the most serious yet we are addressing. You need to understand the importance of the bigger picture here.

If your Governor won’t fight for your soveignty Tennessee then why should you trust him with your vote? I am sure both candidates blew this pledge off as some far right wing cause that some view as being out of touch with mainstream political thought and the general public. I’d argue that the 10-4 pledge is as mainstream as you can get- PROTECTING OUR CONSTITUTION AND PROTECTING THE STATE OF TENNESSEE FROM THE OVERREACHING ARM OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. We would never believe Mike McWherter would care two bedbugs less about repealing Obama care. We would have hoped Haslam would have been a bit more serious about it but I guess we missed that one by a million miles. By refusing to sign this pledge Haslam is sending a signal to the electorate that in the event we dont have a massive shift in power in Washington D.C. next Tuesday the policies of Barrack Obama are going to come tumbling and raining down on the heads of those who live in the Volunteer state and he will do very little to resist those policies and stop them.

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker proudly signed this pledge and with a week to go till the election wants to stress again his commitment to the PEOPLE of Tennessee that he will fight tooth and toenail, every second of every day to make sure Washington stays out of our business here in the state. He pledges to immediately file a lawsuit on behalf of the state of Tennessee to join other states in fighting this unconstitutional law in honoring the language of our Forefathers in protecting state’s rights under the 10th Amendment.

Carl pledges to put the full force of Nashville to stand up to Washington not to pansy down and wimp out for political expediency.

Carl Whitaker IS different because he’s independent. He will fight for YOU the people not a political party. He will be no pawn to any one, any group and any special interest. He’s here to put illegal immigrants on notice that you are either going to become citizens lawfully or you are going to be dealt with by the state of Tennessee if he is elected governor. Carl is putting employers who knowingly hire illegals on notice that if elected governor he is going to use the full force of Nashville and law enforcement to uphold the laws of our state and Constitution and promises you will pay a fine and worse if we catch you. This business of jobs being given to illegals at the cost of our citizens is going to END.

Sound tough? You bet it does and you can bet there will be a change in atmosphere in Nashville if elected. In contrast, should Bill Haslam or Mike McWherter go in, the only thing that will change more than likely will be an “R” will replace the “D” in Phil Bredesen’s party affiliation if Haslam wins. In McWherter’s case, Bredesen is keeping his seat warm and things will continue as they are full speed ahead. Oops we did forget McWherter said he was going to do things “out of the box.” Whew, God only knows what that means and will look like. This late in the race and that’s all we are promised?

Election day is a week away. We’ve signed the 10-4 pledge for reasons more than political expediency. We signed it because we believe in protecting the state and citziens of Tennessee! The question as we close again is “where were the signatures of your two top candidates Tennessee?” We will be writing more on this this coming week as we come down to one week till election day.

Vote Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker November 2, 2010 for Tennessee Governor. We continue to covet your support, prayers and vote. We need your financial support! Thank you for those who have written us and told us you have already voted for us in early voting. Your vote has been appreciated!

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Bedbugs and the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Gail Kerr of the Tennessean wrote an eye opening commentary on the Democratic and Republican nominees for Tennessee governor recently in which she laid out the case we’ve been making with this campaign from day one – what exactly are the motives behind Bill Haslam and Mike McWherter in wanting to run the state of Tennessee. Is it the people? Nope, according to Kerr – it’s something more sinister and a question neither candidate can address and that is “what are we going to do with the bedbugs?”

(SMILE, I’m not making this up, see link below)

In the article Kerr likens both candidates to the Governor (played by Charles Durning) in the 1982 movie “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” who did the Texas two step, side step or whatever else you wanted to call it each time a real question about the issues was asked. Kerr’s assessment that Haslam and McWherter are doing the same just confirms something we’ve been saying all along. Neither candidate has looked YOU the people of Tennessee in the EYES and told you WHY they want to be Governor!

With exactly one week till we vote, is that not a question that we need to know? The ads both candidates are running on television leaves me either laughing or vomiting but in the end makes you ask the question, “with all the millions of dollars these men have in their arsenals and THIS is the best they can do??” Come on man, at least show us a little creativity when you lie about who you really are and what you plan to do if elected Governor.

Kerr’s article made me laugh with her wit but after the laughing stopped I realized how serious the issue was that she was addressing. Quoting Kerr: “Call them the masters of imprecision. Here’s proof: Even if you replaced key issues in their exact debate phrases with the word “bedbugs,” voters would be left scratching their heads.” Ms. Kerr, I CONCUR and I think A LOT of Tennessee citizens are scratching their heads right now.

Kerr goes on to state, quote: “It’s perfectly understandable why Haslam is so carefully strolling down both sides of every fence. He’s winning. Unless a UFO scoops him up, he’ll skate easily into the state Capitol. What’s harder to understand is why McWherter isn’t going bold — goodness knows nothing he’s thrown at Haslam has stuck.” I think I made that point in our last blog calling both candidates the Teflon boys. Guess Haslam is winning that battle for being the one with the least “stickiness.”

Her take on McWherter’s plan on how to run the state, quoting him, “I think we need to think out of the box” was pricless but the one that I think sums it up is her prediction as she states it, “Bet you dollar to doughnuts there’s a new television ad before Election Day. In it, Bill Haslam will gaze gently into the softly focused camera and say, with complete authority: ‘Bedbugs. That’s what matters now.'” ENOUGH SAID. (Do you think Bill you can at least put a little BASS in your voice instead of that wimpy whisp you talk with, come on now with all those millions a few speaking lessons and how to talk into the camera should not have cost much; if you’re wanting people to think you’re in control of things THIS IS NOT HELPING!)

Bottom line: These two candidates are asking we the people of Tennessee to put our trust in them to run our state. NEITHER however, has done anything to really tell we the people though what they will do if elected and just HOW they plan to do all these magical, wonderful things they predict will happen if we vote for them. ALL both have done is either spend millions on promoting himself or the other who has spent millions on promoting the fact his dad once ran the state so we need to vote for his son now. One thing Kerr mentioned about McWherter equally amusing was the fact that the only thing McWherter could try it seemed in the waning days of this race was to link Haslam with Hugo Chavez on the oil issue. Come on Mike, is this ALL the former son of a Tennessee governor can come up with? With all the Obama machinery behind you, this is it???? Again scratching my head, could it be the bedbugs??  Memo to Mike, it’s not sticking pal. Your opponent is better at applying his Teflon than you’ve been so far.

Tennessee, there IS a serious candidate in this race. His name is Carl Twofeathers Whitaker. He’s a viable THIRD option and he has not shied away from telling WHY he wants to be your next governor. He does not promise quick results, nor will he promise you the days ahead are going to be easy. Tough decisions will have to be made on many issues and as a result groups who have had their strangle hold on Nashville are about to be seen the door. There is a new philosophy of government coming to town if elected!! The reason for this new philosophy? YOU THE PEOPLE. YOU, the finest citizens of the finest state in the Union, the ones who are hurting, out of work, concerned about the overreach in Washington and the illegal immigration issue that threatens to tear our state apart and threaten not only our state security but our national security.

Carl is committed to tackling these issues with COMMON SENSE methods of approach, NOT party based special interest approaches that have gotten us in the place we find ourselves in.

If you want to buy into the Texas two step these two Tennessee candidates are pushing on you, that’s up to you. We’re not buying it and neither should you. If they need actors for the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas II then Haslam and McWherter may both fit the bill for the character who played the governor. But the 2010 Governor’s race is not an acting audition – this is real life folks!  Both candidateshave offered award winning performances when it comes to acting according to Kerr’s assessment and to be frank and honest- it’s mine too. And you the reader if you will take a moment and really think about what is being shoveled down your throat over the media waves – you will come to the conclusion that she’s right and we need to pause and think hard about our vote next Tuesday.

We don’t need side stepping and weasly commercials that make you want to go take a bath because the candidate pauses 2 minutes between every sentence as if he don’t know what he’s talking about or trying to sell you snake oil. NEIGHBOR, it’s late and it’s time to make a choice.

We hope that choice for YOU on November 2, 2010 is Carl Twofeathers Whitaker, an INDEPENDENT, CONSERVATIVE candidate for governor who covets and cherishes your vote. We promise you this. WE WILL DEAL WITH THE BEDBUG issue! We will tackle every problem head on and not care which political party we offend in doing so. This is not about party- it’s about YOU the people

VOTE NOVEMBER 2, 2010 – Carl Twofeathers Whitaker
We continue to ask for and desparately need your financial support as we enter this final week.


The Teflon Boys, 10 Days Till Vote And A Choice of Conscience

We are about 10 days away from electing the next governor of the state of Tennessee. The media has made it clear who they are backing and thus 99.9% of any press has gone to either Democratic candidate Mike McWherter or Republican Bill Haslam. It seems that both Haslam and McWherter suffer from what we call the “Teflon Boy” disease. That means that nothing anyone seems to say about them “sticks” in the minds of voters who are only being told that Haslam has tons of money and McWherter’s dad, Ned, used to be a former Governor of our state. Bottom line: one is buying this election with his money, the other with his name.

Mr. Haslam it seems has short term memory loss when it comes to the 2008 price gouging incident involving his Pilot Oil company here in Knoxville. His explanation as to why it happened strengthens the argument that he feels like nothing anyone throws at him will “stick” simply because he’s Bill Haslam and has millions of dollars. When asked what happened, he blamed the problem on faulty gas pumps and the employees instead of taking responsiblity for it himself. When something of this magnitude happens people respect you more when you man up and say “the buck stops here, I was the one responsible and my company.” If elected Governor and a crisis hits the state will this be his response then? Blame the pumps and the people?? (THINK ABOUT THAT)

With 10 days to the vote, Tennessee we DO have a choice! There are two candidates the establishment wants to win without a doubt; just remember though that with established politics, established special interests are never far behind. Both candidates are putting out ads left and right extolling how “great”they are as if they were auditioning for a Vaudeville show in Nashville or trying for sainthood. Let us assure the reader and the voter – there are no movie stars OR saints running Governor this year in 2010. The question becomes then what will they do for YOU the people of Tennessee once in office?

The answer to that question has not been given by either mainstream candidate. Like Teflon, which is slick and nothing sticks to it, both these men have found success in hiding behind their money and they name and not telling you WHY they want to be your governor NOR what they plan to do WHEN they are Governor. They run ads of others trying to convince you they are choir boys.

As a third party candidate, Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker, has no money or name to hide behind. All we have to hide behind are YOU the voters of Tennessee to whom we feel accountable to and who we trust to make the best decisions for what’s right for you, as citizens, not an oversized government in Washington OR in Nashville.

Tennesseans, as we come down the home stretch these next ten days, we implore you to take a step back and THINK about this one simple statement. If you are feeling uneasy about jobs, illegal immigration, the over reach of Washington, the uncertainty of health care including our own TENNCARE program here in Tennessee, and the general idea that the only two choices you seem to have for governor just makes you feel even more uneasy – maybe you need to vote for someone who you KNOW does not have any coat tails full of special favors they are going to have to repay once Governor to those who financed their campaigns.

Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker is a third choice, a STABLE choice, the RIGHT choice for Tennessee. As an independent conservative, he promises to look at every issue from the perspective of what is best for the citizens of the state, not for the party or special interests he is beholden to.

We have 10 days to go, and two Teflon boys running on the coat tails of both their dad’s name and their pocket books. Tennessee, is THIS what we really want in our Governor?

Vote Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker November 2, 2010. Early Voting has begun and we’ve already heard from several of you who have voted for us of which we are DEEPLY appreciative! Once elected, we will not forget our pledge to YOU the people and we will hit the ground running to set some things in order in Nashville that have LONG needed to be set in order!

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL HELP BADLY AT THE PRESENT TIME. We cannot take this message to the state without funds and as an Independent campaign we do not have the access to the donors as do the other party candidates. We have to depend on YOU the people to help us at the present time. It’s still not too late.

Our website

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! See you at the polls Tuesday, November 2, 2010. VOTE Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker for Governor!

25 Days To Go- Carl Whitaker Still In Race For Governor

As we enter the final 25 days of this campaign we wanted to make a few statements. There has been rumors which are false that we have dropped out of the race for Governor of Tennessee. That is the farthermost from the truth and we want to set the record straight that we are on the ballot November 2, 2010 and we plan to campaign and fight hard for the people of Tennessee till the very end. A fellow independent candidate took it upon himself to send out a false press release claiming we were quitting and joining him in endorsing another candidate. He did that without our consent and knowledge and has yet to issue a full retraction even though we have asked him to. The other candidate involved, Brandon Dodds contacted us and acknowledged he was sorry for the mix up as well. Bottom line is this -come November when the people decide who they want to run their state, THEN and only then we will officially say our run for Governor is over, not a second before then.

The two main candidates in the race Bill Haslam (R)  and Mike McWerter (D) were in Knoxville last night on the U.T. Campus for one of their last few debates before November 2, 2010. It was noted that only 400 people attended the debate last night in Knoxville between the two main candidates in this race. That is a real shame that two big named politicians with money, name recognition and the party backing couldn’t muster but 400 people to come hear what they have to say. Could it be people don’t care what they are saying because they are SICK of BOTH parties??? We ‘re not running a campaign based on the good old boy system of politics or the “I’m running on daddy’s name system.” We’re out here in the trenches talking to YOU the people of Tennessee daily. We’re not putting up slick ads that make it seem we’re something that we’re not. To hear people talk about Bill Haslam you’d think he shouldn’t be running for governor, but for sainthood. Let us assure the people of Tennessee that there are no saints running for office no matter how big their bank accounts. Our question is where was Mr. Haslam’s sainthood status two years ago here in Knoxville when gas prices zoomed to almost $5.00 a gallon and his family owned Pilot oil company was single handedly called on the carpet for price gouging? He’s put nearly $20 million into this campaign to promote himself. And you know, no matter whether it’s his own money, which he can do with what he pleases, it still makes one shake their head to wander how someone could spend that amount of money for signs, bumper stickers and self-promoting commercials. It’s this type of attitude that has made the Republican party such a party of disconnect with so many in 2010. The idea Republicans are coming back is only real because most of the Republicans who are running are NEW Republicans who have booted the old establishment out of power with conservative, Tea-party backed ideas.

Then you have Mike McWerter the Democrat who seems to have not even tried to reach the people of East Tennessee but is banking on people remembering his daddy Ned McWerter who was Tennessee’s governor years ago. Memo to Mike – times have changed pal and it’s not who you are that matters this coming election – it’s what you are going to do when you get into office.

Our campaign is not big. It is however full of the heart and soul that these two candidates lack. We’ve hit the ground as hard as ever talking to the people of this great state in person and listening to what they have to say. When we speak, we talk TO you about YOUR needs and concerns! Have you noticed that in all their ads both candidates talk AT us and not “TO” us? Have you noticed that  they have other people on their ads telling you how great they are and not one of them can look you in the eye and tell you WHY they really want to be Governor of the finest state in the Union? You can buy into the Republican and Democratic party line if you like. You can mock and make fun of the Independents running in this year’s race if you like. But with a double-digit unemployment rate and a federal government that is closely resembling Bejing and not Washington, can we afford to keep doing things the same way and walking down the same path?  

Being independent doesn’t mean you don’t have a brain or are not qualified to run. It means you can weigh BOTH sides of an issue and see what is best for the PEOPLE of Tennessee, not for the best interest of the party you are representing. When elected, Carl Twofeathers Whitaker WILL DO JUST THAT. He will base ALL his decisions on what is best for the PEOPLE of Tennessee of all spectrums of life, not just for the chosen few elitists the Democrat and Republican parties represent and have for so long. Tennessee, we ask you once more 25 days out of electing your next governor – ARE YOU TIRED OF THE TWO PARTY CONTROL OF YOUR STATE??




We need your financial help like never before and we appreciate your vote and support come November 2.

Issues Are the Crux of the Matter, NOT Money!

Three Republican and one Democratic candidates were on display Monday night, July 12, in Belmont, TN during a debate at the University’s Curb Event Center. The statements of Republican Congressman Zach Wamp about Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam’s family fortune and his idea that the mayor is buying this election summed up the theme of the debate: “You’re not the guy all your money says you are. I’m sorry. I’m going to have to tell it has it is folks. I love you,” Wamp told the audience. After the debate ended, each of the candidates spoke with the media. Even then Bill Haslam was the target of his Republican counterparts. “I do believe Bill Haslam wouldn’t be a legitimate candidate if he wasn’t worth billions of dollars,” according to Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. “Just because they have a lot of money, they can’t create a candidate spending $20-30 million to convince people he’s someone he is not,” Wamp added. According to the report, reporters also asked the money question of Mike McWherter who has raised of fraction of the cash the Republican candidates have put in the bank.

So, let’s get this straight. With a 10.3% unemployment rate, illegal immigrants running wild across our state without any efforts to stop it, the TENN-Care health care program bankrupting the state and a looming federal health care bill that will only add more insult to injury, the ONLY thing these candidates could find to talk about was where Bill Haslam got his money? In reading the blogs this week about the sentiments following the debate, it’s apparent that some partisan supporters of both parties tend to care only about fundraising as well. And while we agree that Mr. Haslam has a lot of unanswered questions about his money trail, especially his knowledge and role in the Pilot Oil company’s price fixing indictments in 2008 (Gas spiked to $4.99 a gallon in Knoxville during that time), Carl Whitaker would like to ask a simple question to the PEOPLE of Tennessee, many of whom were left asking the same questions after Monday night, “Where is the concern for the ISSUES?”

If we’re going to make this campaign about money, which it seems most of the news media in Tennessee is trying to do, then no one but Bill Haslam needs to run; he has us all beat. If we’re just going to focus on whose got the biggest name recongnition in the race, then Mike McWherter needs to be declared the winner today; no one can really stand up against being the son of a former Tennessee governor;  Both Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp have larger than life political backgrounds so if that is the only requirement for running, those two candidates are a synch to win hands down.

But this is the fly in the ointment for both Democrats and Republicans in 2010. People are sick of both! It’s the elitist attitudes that were on display Monday night by each of these candidates as well as their smugness that has given rise to the voters becoming more and more intrigued with Independent candidates and movements, such as the Tea Party and others that look to cause a political earthquake in November not just nationally but here in our state. In years past an Independent candidate wouldn’t be given a second thought but again this year is different. The establishment and elitist among the political machinery in this state may not let a candidate such as Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker on stage to debate with the “big” boys cause he hasn’t raised enough campaign funds yet, but the PEOPLE of Tennessee are the ones who will be heard in November, not the elite establishment. THE PEOPLE want to hear some fresh ideas from ALL the candidates, not just a chosen few; they want to hear ideas that are not stained with the putrid smell of politics, money or special interests. The PEOPLE want to know their Governor is going to fight for THEM and while he won’t be perfect in handling every single detail they want to be assured that he has THEIR interest at heart, not the interest of his party, special interest or favorite group. Zach Wamp commented afterward that Bill Haslam’s finances would place him in a immediate conflict of interest on every single issue a governor would face if he was elected. That can be said of EVERYONE who was on that stage Monday night because the parties these candidates represent are so tied to special interest, that produces it itself the issue of trust for them all. WE NEED A CHANGE OF DIRECTION in Nashville!

With a $1.5 billion deficit, we’re at a point where a new sense and change of independent thinking may not hurt! The old ways of doing things have not worked in the past and with an ever changing economy, sadly for the worst, the ideas needed for the future have to be fresh, unstained by politics and have the People’s Interest at heart, not a political party.  With illegal immigrants literally stealing jobs left and right from our citizens in the state are there not ANY of these candidates with the guts to stand up and say “we know what we’re going to do to stop this!” No there is not because all these candidates are more worried about their political backsides instead of being concerned for the future of the state and the great people who live here.

All candidates have their skeletons. None are above the fray and none are perfect. But watching these four men on stage it always came down to money and who had the least and who had the most. WHY has our political process degenerated into such in TN? Because simply put, two parties and two parties alone have controlled the government of not just this nation but this state for decades. Friend, it’s time for a CHANGE of thinking and direction!

That change of thinking and direction for Tennessee is found in a man who has been down this path before and fought many of these issue battles in the trenches of activism and FIGHTING for the people not just in word but in deed- Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker.

We covet your vote AND your financial support. Come August 5th when the Primary is over you will see us more and more on the airwaves, campaign trail and in small towns and large cities across this state. We may be small but our heart beats big for the state of Tennessee we love and cherish. But we cannot win this fight for Tennessee without YOU the voter and citizen of the finest state in the Union. Did you hear any of these candidates tell YOU the people how proud they were to be running for the greatest office in the state to SERVE you instead of telling you what they were going to do to rule over you? As we watched the debate it was evident that all four candidates were speaking “at” the people but not “to” the people.

 Isn’t it time we elected a man who has always spoke TO the people and will serve the people of this state with all his heart and his soul; a man who will bring those fresh ideas to Nashville and work with all branches of government to see to it that the best effort is done to get things back in kilter in this great state. That man is Carl TwoFeathers Whitaker and he cherishes your votte this fall and financial help NOW to make this happen!

See you at the polls November 2, 2010 on which his name will be on the general ballot! Issues are the crux of this matter, not the money!

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The Constitution Needs No Apology Or Warning Label

News came out last week of a small publishing company putting warning labels on copies of the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other historical documents. According to a Fox News Story, Wilder Publications warns readers of its reprints of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Common Sense, the Articles of Confederation, and the Federalist Papers among others, that “This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today.” Disclaimer goes on to tell parents that they “might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work.” Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, says the company may be trying to ensure that oversensitive people don’t pull its works off bookstore or library shelves.

“Any idea that’s 100 years old will probably offend someone or other,” Olson told “…But if there’s anything that you ought to be able to take at a first gulp for yourself and then ask your parents if you’re wondering about this or that strange thing, it should be the founding documents of American history.” The warning seems to be offending more people than the documents themselves.
According to the article,’s customer reviews of Wilder’s copy of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation show an overwhelming number of people speaking out against the disclaimer, describing it as “insulting,” “sickening” and “frankly, horrifying.” Another review for Wilder’s edition of the Federalist Papers calls for an all-out boycott of the publisher, sarcastically pointing out the “dangerous ideas” it’s trying to protect children from: “limited government, checks and balances, constrained judicial review, dual sovereignty of states and federal government, and deliberative democracy. The publisher claimed he put the warning on it to keep people from rejecting the content of the document because of what he saw as its “outdated” information. A constitutional authority however, Bob Francisco says it is more likely to have the opposite effect: people not carrying the book because it has the disclaimer. “By putting on the warning, you’re making controversial something that’s not controversial: our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence,” he said. Almost all of the reviews on Amazon and the Internet discussing the disclaimer end with the same thought: don’t buy from this publisher.
It is our opinion that the issue of the U.S. Constitution, along with the state Constitution of Tennessee, is a pertinent issue in the 2010 Tennessee’s Governor race. As a long time activist, Carl has sought to push state government to uphold both the state and U.S. Constitution without favor or compromise and adhere to its tenets no matter whether some feel these principles are outdated. The idea that any publisher feels our Constitution would need a warning on it would make us laugh if it were not so insidiously moronic and stupid. Our challenge to the candidates in this race for Tennessee governor is to let the people know how they stand on upholding the U.S. and Tennessee state Constitutions.
One may say well “why is this so important?” Simply put, because the dividing line between the rights of the federal government and those of the state are clearly outlined in the U.S. Constitution. The 10th and 14th Amendments grant the states the right to govern themselves and if the federal government seeks to interfere with unconstitutional ideals – the state has the right – both ethically and legally – to reject the federalist powers to protect their citizens. Simply put, the states can tell Washington to go somewhere below. If elected governor, Carl “Twofeathers” Whitaker pledges to make sure to fight every effort by Washington to intrude upon the lives of our citizens in an illegal and destructive manner.

As an Independent candidate we don’t have special interests to protect nor do we care about offending our cronies from Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis or any where else in this state. Is it not time Tennessee to put someone in Nashville without strings attached to them before they are even sworn in? Give that some thought and realize that the over reaching of the federal government will just continue until states stand up for the “founding document” of America’s history. From our standpoint, this is a fight worth the effort? The bigger question in this race is “who of the other candidates in this race feel the same?”

We’re looking for you at the polls November 2, 2010 and we ask you to remember Carl Twofeathers Whitaker as you vote! We covet your prayers, your vote and your financial support!

Visit our site and view our platform at

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Arizona Rising, Tennessee Surmising

Arizona is rising, Tennessee is surmising when it comes to illegal immigration. As governor Carl Twofeathers Whitaker pledges and promises to make sure the surmising ends and action taken to keep those in our nation illegally out of the state with common sense laws that will deal with both those who are already here and addressing the issue of employers who hire these individuals.

The recent passage of the Arizona illegal immigration law has already produced screams of racial profiling and other nonsense when in fact the Arizona law is more restrictive on the police than those here illegally. If would help if our leaders would actually READ the law!The liberal left include many in the press who have recently written such moronic comments such as “Harkens back to apartheid,” at least according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Cynthia Tucker. Tucker, in our humble opinion is the AJC’s worst excuse for a correspondent since the days of opinion journalism began. It’s ok to have your opinion but when your opinions are laced with ignorance, reverse racism and bias- it’s time to keep your opinions to yourself. Not that many people in the nation (less than 1% if she’s have a great hair day) take this type of talk serious to begin with anyway; it is striking however to see the commentary on a law that is merely doing the job the federal government has failed to do! And in some ways, Tennessee has failed to act as well.

To Ms. Tucker’s defense, it’s not just her espousing such stupidity. President Obama calls the law “misguided” and says it “threaten[s] to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.” Obama has ordered the Justice Department to “closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation.” Eric Holder, our attorney general, has made similar comments. However a little problem with these moron’s view of the law that does not get the attention it should – THEY HAVE NOT READ THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, our campaign HAS read the law and we believe it is one of the more well crafted pieces of anti-illegal immigration legislative pieces put together in a long time. If elected governor of Tennessee, Carl Twofeathers Whitaker plans to seek to implement a similar piece of legislation to ensure our borders here in the state are safe, secure and sound. We want to make it clear – we’re NOT opposed to immigration in any form whether its to our nation or to our state. We are 100% opposed to those who come here illegally with no thought of truly becoming American citizens and go through the process of naturalization that millions before them have done through the years since our nation began. Why is that so hard to grasp by the liberal left? Why is that hard to grasp even for some on the right who are more worried about their political careers and the Hispanic vote than they are the safety and security of our nation and our state? In talking to many Hispanics we have found that 99% of them truly believe that all need to go through the normal and legal process of citizenship to be American citizens and be afforded the rights of those who have. The media would have you believe otherwise, but then let us never forget there are two sides to every story – the media’s side and the truth.

Byron York, a reporter for the Washington Examiner, asked a great question in a recent op-ed piece where he said: “Has anyone actually read the law? Contrary to the talk, it is a reasonable, limited, carefully-crafted measure designed to help law enforcement deal with a serious problem in Arizona. Its authors anticipated criticism and went to great lengths to make sure it is constitutional and will hold up in court. It is the criticism of the law that is over the top, not the law itself.” We say an AMEN to that Byron!

The  Tennessee senate has once again reviewed SB0194/HB0270, which requires proof of citizenship to register to vote in Tennessee. Voter registration forms have always required registrants to profess United States Citizenship to complete the registration. The current registration forms require the applicant to check “Yes” when asked if he is a U.S. Citizen and includes the stern warning that false information is punishable by 2 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. The new law requires proof that the applicant is a U.S. Citizen in the form of a driver license, non-driving photo ID, birth certificate, United States passport, or Bureau of Indian Affairs card number, or other valid proof of citizenship. Currently, Tennessee relies on the honor system and requires no proof. If elected governor, the “no proof” test ends! 

Carl has spent years actively working in opposition to illegals being in our nation as an activist. He does these things not through a callous heart or without compassion to the plight of the families invovled but does so with the idea if this issue is not addressed, those coming over our borders illegally will not just be looking for work but will be those seeking to do our nation and state harm.

Chasity Goddard wrote recently in the Knoxville Christian Politics and Examimer that “bills such as Arizona’s law does not make illegal immigration illegal; illegal immigration is already illegal!” This bill changes nothing previously defined by federal law, but “makes it easier to enforce the provisions of the federal government that federal officials seem unwilling to implement.”

Tennessee is surmising what to do right now on the illegal immigration issue. When elected governor in November, Carl Twofeathers Whitaker, will work immediately with our state legislature to make sure the surmising stops and action is taken! It’s time to stop beating around the bush on this and worrying about what special interest groups are going to be offended. The ONLY special interest group we will be concerned with when elected will be YOU, the people of Tennessee. Your safety and security are a top priorty as well as making sure jobs in our states are not lost to illegals who should not be here in the first place.

Elect Carl Twofeathers Whitaker for Governor, November 2, 2010 and he promises to make the laws of Tennessee just as strong and crafty as that of the Arizona law. Arizona is rising, Tennessee is surmising. The time for surmising is over. Let’s act together and make our state safe and secure!


Byron York:

Cynthia Goddard:–Politics-Examiner~y2010m5d18-Tennessee-considering-copycat-of-Arizonas-antiimmigration-law

The National Health Care Debate, Tennessee and Our Campaign

As of Friday, April 9, 2010 19 states have filed lawsuits against the federal government concerning the recently passed health care bill. Tennessee is not one of those states because our present governor and the attorney general feels its not politically correct to do so even though the bill screams of being unconstitutional on so many levels. Our campaign is going on record NOW to state that if elected we will push for Tennessee to join the federal lawsuit against the health care bill to ensure the bill’s negative effects are not felt by the citizens of Tennessee. In a related manner, we’d like to state that Ron Ramsey is the only candidate who has gone on record to say he would do the same which is interesting since Mr. Ramsey is a Republican Lt. Governor who is merely part of the same government establishment in Nashville who established what we know as TENNCARE, a state prototype of what is to come on a national level. Our issue is not with Mr. Ramsey personally because we actually agree with him that this bill is bad for the nation and for Tennessee. Our point is that he belongs to an overall establishment that has created such programs and will continue to do so unless there is a strong message sent by the people of Tennessee that they want CHANGE from the way things have been done for years as well as letting Nashville know – the state belongs to the PEOPLE, not politicians no matter what party they belong to!

We cherish your vote in November. We will be discussing this more in the months and weeks to come. On May 2, 2010 we plan to address this at the League of Women Voter’s state sponsored debate in Nashville that will include the other candidates in the race. This debate will deal with Education issues facing our fine state and we’re up and ready for the challenge to talk about just that.

Our campaign pledge is simple – keep Tennessee working and keep Tennessee healthy. The way to do both if fight this federal bill which will do nothing but increase premiums, cut coverage no matter what the political hacks claim who support this nightmare, and will cause the closure of many small businesses who will not be able to afford the mandates the bill will place on them. The way this bill can be stopped is with the STATES. Tennessee you’re not one of those states right now. Elect Carl Whitaker for Governor in November and you will be!

One quick note on the recent Knoxville Expo Center Candidate’s Forum. We were honored to be part of the forum and had a great time meeting many of you who came up to us and promised your support! We cherish that and ask you today for not just your vote but your financial support! Our campaign is in need of much needed funds to take this message all over the state. Thanks again for your input and we cherish your ideas and thoughts!

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